About Me

I'm a software engineer currently located in Barcelona, Spain. I act as CIO at Talpor Solutions, a consulting firm that my partners and I have been building for the last 5 years. We currently have 14 developers under our guidance which we've trained and manage in local and international projects.

I've been working with web development technologies for the last 4 years in a range of companies from startups to large corporations. I've focused primarily on front-end web development using SASS, Compass, BackboneJS, RequireJS, AngularJS and ReactJS. Since I've managed projects on my own, I've also done a lot of backend development using the Django framework.

As part of my studies at Carnegie Mellon I learned to apply metrics, manage risks, implement methodologies, build architectures and a lot more. I constantly use this knowledge as part of my project management duties.

I'm always looking for the greatest and latest tools available to improve my work and make it easier to maintain. I'm passionate about making great designs come to life and providing users with the best possible experience.
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Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley
  • College Website: sv.cmu.edu
  • Degree: Master in Software Engineering (Technical Track)
  • Start Date: August 2011
  • Graduation Date: August 2012
  • Program Description: The Master in Software Engineering program focuses on improving students' technical leadership skills.
    This is accomplished by emphasizing on key areas like requirements analysis, architectural design, project management and risk assessment that are necessary for successful software product development. The program also teaches students to apply and tailor metholodogies in order to improve the likelihood that their projects will succeed.
Technologies Used
Universidad Simón Bolívar
  • College Website: usb.ve
  • Degree: Bachelor in Computer Engineering
  • Start Date: September 2005
  • Graduation Date: November 2010
  • Program Description: The program's objective is to train a highly qualified professional that is well versed in all areas of Computer Science.
    By exploring topics like Interface Design, Robotics, Language Design, Software Engineering and many others throughout the 5-year program, students that obtain this degree can excel in any area that they decide to specialize in. There is also a focus on efficient teamwork and time management since courses are organized in 12-week schedules with little time for slack.
Technologies Used
talPor Solutions
  • Company Website: talpor.com
  • Date: February 2011 - Present
  • Job Title: Project Manager and Senior Developer
  • Job Description: talPor is a startup company that provides development services for overseas customers. As one of the first team members at this startup, I've acted as both a developer and a team lead in the projects I've been in.

    My work has been project management and web development, focused on front-end but including back-end. I also defined the tailored version of Extreme Programming that the company currently uses as a methodology for all their projects.
Technologies Used
Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley
  • Company Website: sv.cmu.edu
  • Date: August 2011 - August 2012
  • Job Title: Research Assistant
  • Job Description: I worked with faculty members and a post-doctorate researcher developing a Wizard of Oz prototyping tool for the Android platform and applying it for Mobile Learning, specifically for rescue response team training.

    I used mobile web technologies to create a damage assessment form that allows volunteers to easily assess a building in an emergency. We have a strong focus on user experience since these tools will be used in stress conditions and we will be conducting user tests in the near future.
Technologies Used
Smartmatic Corp.
  • Company Website: smartmatic.com
  • Date: May 2010 - September 2010
  • Job Title: Summer Intern
  • Job Description: I designed and developed a requisition management web system that would replace the pre-existing 3rd-party product that was being used. This program interacted with the corporation's Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains ERP server.

    I was responsible for conducting interviews, gathering requirements, creating a basic design and layout for the software, evaluating 3rd-party solutions, and developing and deploying a first version of the product. I was later contracted to conduct testing and debugging in order to finish a second release of the product.
Technologies Used
Manapro Consultores
  • Company Website: manapro.com
  • Date: September 2008 - April 2010
  • Job Title: Project Analyst
  • Job Description: I developed Javascript, Visual Basic and C# add-ons and personalizations for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. I also developed reports from the data available in Microsoft Dynamics GP using SQL Server Reporting Services 2005.

    I was involved in the early stages of a project to install a fingerprint access control system at the company's offices. I developed a working prototype that was later used by the developers assigned to the project.
Technologies Used
Birthday Tweet
  • Project Website: birthdaytweet.appspot.com
  • Project Description: The BirthdayTweet service sends each user a tweet or direct message on Twitter when one of their Facebook friends is celebrating a birthday. It's deployed on Google AppEngine and was developed in Java. It arose as a personal need and I decided to make it available for other users. It's also available as an application on the Chrome Web Store (link).